The challenge

Everybody ages, and the UK population is no exception. As people age, they come with both an increasing contribution to society, as well as number of challenges. Older people are being forced out of work due to poor health or unwelcoming attitudes in the workplace, while having little access to the training they need for a changing labour market. Many homes don’t meet the needs of older people, resulting in a quarter of older households living in non-decent housing – impacting not only on the size of their heating bills but also their health. Some of the biggest issues around ageing also include social isolation, reduced mobility and health. Therefore, innovative products with age-friendly design can help tackle a number of everyday issues faced by older people, their friends, families, employers and carers.

In the UK

Example products and services

Innovative products and services with age-friendly design can help tackle a number of issues faced by older people, as demonstrated by the following existing examples:


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